My frequent use of interiors and figures as a theme is due to the multiplicity of meanings and visual effects this provides me. The interior possesses a hotel-like symbolic resonance for me, and in a way all rooms are hotel rooms because we live mobile lives and often in some way we are at odds with our environment, or in some way uprooted.

I have always found ordinary objects fascinating…shoes, watches, lighters, bits of paper, sunglasses, cups, lamps, chairs, clothes and fabrics… and I delight in putting them in my pictures; objects are reflections of human needs, after all we invented them, and they seem to have their own personalities as they lie or hang impassively on floors, tables, beds. The interior is also a place of luxuriance, whether we are luxuriating in our bodies, our privacy, or our cluttered rooms. By luxuriance I do not mean wealth but the enjoyment of physicality and having the time in which to enjoy. Light too is a kind of luxuriance in the way it insinuates itself across a room and implies itself on surfaces, fabric and skin. This sensuality creates an indulgently fatalistic sense of things not changing, in which the lull of our senses is our only recourse. Realizing that the world is much bigger than ourselves, we resign ourselves to our senses

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