Ceramic Art by Stephanie Sampson

These are some examples of Sampson’s ceramic art, which were made in Greece and Canada using clay from those parts of the world.  Although she initially concentrated on clay figures, ceramic vessels and pots increasingly  intrigued her with their inside/outside duality and drawing/painting surface aesthetic.

Melting Vase.2 Greek clays with oxides. 2017. high fire. 14 cm wide. Stephanie Sampson

3 Vessels low and high fire,oxides and glazes Greek and German clays 2016-2018 Stephanie Sampson

3 Vessels using Greek and Italian Clays, oxides and glaze 2016-2018 23cm highest side Stephanie Sampson

3 Porcelain Pieces some copper oxide and glaze 2018 22.5cm highest side Stephanie Sampson

White Nude. 2015 white clay with grog. 20 cm height Stephanie Sampson

4 Figures. 2015 Greek clay with slip and glaze. 20 cm longest side closest figure. Stephanie Sampson