Ceramics by Stephanie Sampson

These are some examples of Sampson’s ceramic work, which were made in Greece using clay from that part of the world. Because of her Greek Canadian background, time spent in those countries impacts on approach and imagery. She first started with clay figurines, but was quickly intrigued with ceramic vessels and pots and their inside/outside duality and drawing/painting surface aesthetic. As with painting, the properties within the physicality of the materials and bringing out those traits forms the language.

Melting Vase.2 Greek clays with oxides. 2017. high fire. 14 cm wide. Stephanie Sampson

two vases Sampson made with Greek and European clays, oxides and glazes, circa 2016-2018; made in the studios of the “Centre for the Study of Modern Pottery” in Thisseon, Athens. Greece. The 2 vases on the left are part of Sampson’s “Metamorphosis” series, and on the right her take on the Byzantine style.

Lrg.Pitcher Cretan Clay.12.5x16x2.5cm.2019.s.sampson

Large Pitcher. Cretan Clay. 2019. Stephanie Sampson

White Nude. 2015. white clay with grog. 20 cm height. Stephanie Sampson

Small Test Pieces.2018,2019.s.sampson

Small Cups and Bowls. 2018. Stephanie Sampson


Reclining Woman. 2015. clay with grog. Stephanie Sampson

Figure in Cretan Clay 2. 2019.24.5longx5.5cmhigh.s.sampson

Figure in Cretan Clay 2. 2019, Stephanie Sampson

Melting Figure 2. 2017.Livadia.10x11cm.s.sampson

Melting Figure. 2017. Livadia clay. 10x11cm Stephanie Sampson