The Faces of Nemesis

The Faces of Nemesis is a 58 page artist’s book (20x29cm) created and self-published in Athens, Greece in 2012. The book was written and designed by Stephanie Sampson and the 20 watercolour portraits featured in the book were painted on the streets of Athens by Stephanie, as part of her research on the new poor and street people of the Greek Financial Crisis. Living in Athens at the time, Stephanie was stunned at the sudden increase of people sleeping rough and begging on Athens streets, and was compelled to record their stories and understand their situation by writing their histories and painting the sensitivity on their faces. The book is a record of that investigation, and includes reflections on the mental toll of poverty, human survival and the role of art.

The Faces of Nemesis book cover 2012
Example of inside the book: Portrait with the individual’s story.