Most of Stephanie Sampson’s watercolours were made from observation, on location, during her travels around Greece. This on-going series began in the 1990s. The watercolours are quite small, about 14×20 cm. on average, because of the nature of changing light and the properties  of watercolour where its vitality is best enhanced with rapid economical marks on a small scale. Sampson made her watercolours in many locations in Greece, responding to a sense of place. The entirety of the watercolours Sampson regards as a portrait of Greece.

Nissyros Island.  Watercolour    2017     Stephanie Sampson

Pebble Picker. Selianitika Beach , Greece. 2010. Watercolour.14x18cm     Stephanie Sampson.

Sand Dunes, 2. Limnos Island    2014      Watercolour.       Stephanie Sampson

Aegean Sea    Watercolour      Stephanie Sampson

Rocky Olive Grove. Aegina Island.  Stephanie Sampson

Mani Landscape   Watercolour     Stephanie  Sampson