Crete, Wild Plants. Watercolour. 2010.14×18.5cmm. Stephanie Sampson

 GLIMPSES of GREECE placing oneself in a landscape

Most of Stephanie Sampson’s watercolours were made from observation, on location, during her travels around Greece. This on-going series began in the 1990s. The watercolours are quite small, about 14×20 cm. on average, because of having to work fast with the changing light. The properties of watercolours are such that their vitality is  captured with rapid economical marks. Sampson made her watercolours in many locations in Greece, responding to a sense of place. The entirety of the over 60  watercolours Sampson regards as a portrait of Greece, and also as a portrait of herself in Greece, as the dissolving light and bleeding paint (which is a watercolour term) carry a sort of metaphoric sense of the dissolving of the self.

 Pebble Picker, Selianitika Beach , Greece. 2010. Watercolour.14x18cm. Stephanie Sampson.

Gulf of Corinthos

                   Gulf of Corinth. Watercolour. Stephanie Sampson

                   Sand Dunes, 2, Limnos Island.    2014      Watercolour.       Stephanie Sampson

                         Nisyros Sunset 3. W atercolour. 2016. 11×15.5cm. Stephanie Sampson

                           Rocky Olive Grove. Aegina Island.  Stephanie Sampson

                          Mani Landscape   Watercolour     Stephanie  Sampson

landscape watercolours 026

Sunset from Chios. Watercolour. 2003. 14.5x19cm. Stephanie Sampson

         Nisyros Sunset 2. 2016. Watercolour. 12×17.5cm. Stephanie Sampson