INTERIORS WITH FIGURES our relationship with ourselves

The figure in context is an on-going theme in Stephanie Sampson’s oil paintings. In this period of time where people are living confined lives, these paintings might offer food for thought to viewers about the physical and psychological space they inhabit. Painting one’s experience of an environment or moment, with an economy of means is one of Sampson’s key aims. As an experiential painter, she avoids using photos, and responds to something she is looking at whether a model in her studio or a friend sitting in a garden, the personal intimate world in real time is the motivation. She is fascinated with oil paint as a medium because of the way it can reinvent itself. The versatility and economy oils offers a painter, and the challenges, she explores in her own way by being aware of the physicality of marks and choice of colour.

Woman in a Yellow Room 1.  2016.  oil on canvas.  30x40cm.  Stephanie Sampson


The Red Bathing Suit 1. 2017. oil on canvas. 34x45cm.  Stephanie Sampson


         Woman in a Pink Room. 2016. oil on canvas. 34x45cm. Stephanie Sampson


In a Garden.  2020, oil on canvas. 40x50cm.  Stephanie Sampson


Green Garden with Figure. 2018. oil on canvas. 40½ x 50½cm. Stephanie Sampson


Portrait of a Business Man. Oil on Paper, 2006.  24x33cm      Stephanie  Sampson

Woman in a Hotel Room. 2001. oil on canvas, 80x120cm. Stephanie Sampson